Using Flash Partitioning and Flash File Systems in FreeRTOS

This application note explains the Flash partitioning and Flash file systems, as supported in FreeRTOS.

1. FreeRTOS Features

Emcraft provides advanced management of QSPI Flash in FreeRTOS. Key features of the Flash implementation are as follows:

  • Support for QSPI NOR Flash.

  • Support for QSPI NAND Flash.

  • Partitioning of Flash onto separate independent partitions. For instance, one partition can be reserved for bootable OS images, another for a run-time UBIFS Flash file system, etc.

  • Support of UBI volumes. It is important to note that partitioning of any UBI partition onto volumes is purely logical. The UBI layer supports wear-levelling and management of physical Flash blocks, transparently for the user. An implication is that an update to any volume, even if it takes place more frequently than updates to other UBI volumes, does not result in extensive wearing of Flash blocks.

  • UBIFS Flash file system, with support for wear-levelling and management of physical Flash blocks.

2. Support

Emcraft supports its verified boot implementation as a service.

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