Release Notes 4.2.0

1. Overview

This is the Linux BSP (Board Support Package) and the development environment for the STM32MP1 System-On-Module (SOM) and Starter Kit, release 4.2.0.

The BSP provides a software development environment for evaluation and development of Linux (uClinux) on the Cortex-A7 processor core of the STM32MP1 microcontroller (the 650MHz STM32MP157A and 800MHz STM32MP157D variants) using the Emcraft STM32MP1 SOM Starter Kit as a hardware platform.

2. Supported Features

The following list provides a summary of the features and capabilities of this release of the STM32MP1 BSP:

  • Linux:

    • Kernel v.6.1.28;

    • Serial Linux console;

    • Ethernet device driver and Linux TCP/IP networking (ping, NFS, Telnet, FTP, NTPD, etc);

    • eMMC/SD device driver;

    • USB host/gadget device driver;

    • LCD device driver;

    • Touchscreen device driver;

    • Clock driver;

    • pinctrl driver;

    • busybox v1.36.0;

    • POSIX pthreads;

    • Hardened exception handling; an exception triggered by a process affects only the offending process.

    • Support for the following WiFi/Bluetooth M.2 cards and chipsets:

      • Embedded Artist 2AE/2BC (Chipset: Infineon/Cypress CYW4373E)

      • Embedded Artist 2EA (Chipset: Infineon/Cypress CYW55573). NOTE: Only the WiFi function is currently supported; support for the Bluetooth function is in progress.

      • Embedded Artist 1LV (Chipset: Infineon/Cypress CYW43012)

      • AzureWave AW-NB136NF (Chipset: Infineon/Cypress CYW43241B4)

  • U-Boot firmware:

    • U-Boot v 2022.10;

    • Serial console command interface with various setup, test and maintenance commands;

    • Environment variables allowing customisation of a unit;

    • Sophisticated OS auto-boot sequence;

    • Partitioning and management of external Flash;

    • Initial installation of Linux image to external Flash.

  • Development environment:

    • Linux-hosted cross-development environment;

    • Yocto v4.2.1 distribution.

3. New and Changed Features

This section lists new and changed features of this release:

  1. Support CYW4373/E – MuRata Type2AE in Linux.
    ID: STM32MP1-41.

  2. Support CYW43439 – MuRata Type1YN in Linux.
    ID: STM32MP1-39.

  3. Support CYW55573 – MuRata Type2EA in Linux.
    ID: STM32MP1-42.

  4. Fix issue: Ethernet does not work if the cable is not attached during boot.
    ID: STM32MP1-14.

4. Known Problems and Limitations

This section lists known problems and limitations of this release:

  1. Cannot modify Flash on SPI Flash dongle.
    ID: STM32MP1-17.

  2. Touchscreen does not work with STM32MP1-BSB.
    ID: STM32MP1-18.

  3. The STM32MP1-SOM is reset after waking up from the low power mode.
    ID: STM32MP1-24.

  4. USB Mouse and USB keyboard does not work in USB-A.
    ID: STM32MP1-30.

  5. Support resolutions other than 320*240 / 15 fps for DCMI camera.
    ID: STM32MP1-32.

  6. Managing U-Boot environment from Linux is not supported.
    ID: STM32MP1-34.

  7. Bluetooth does not work on Embedded Artist 2EA M.2 module.
    ID: STM32MP1-48.

5. Further Reading

  • Hardware Materials:

Refer to the following page for various documentation and hardware files describing the STM32MP1 SOM and Starter Kit:

  • Documentation Items:

Refer to the following page for various documentation items describing use of the STM32MP1 SOM and Starter Kit: .

6. Support

Customers of the Emcraft STM32MP1 Starter Kit may contact Emcraft at for support.