Using the TFT LCD Interface


Note that LCD is not included in the STM32MP1 Starter Kit. The LCD-TFT is an add-on that should be purchased separately. Please contact Emcraft about LCD availability.

This application note describes the connection and usage of a TFT LCD display connected to the STM32MP157 LTDC controller.

  1. Connect the TFT LCD which comes with the kit to the J1 connector of the STM32MP1-BSB-4A:

  1. Power on the STM32MP1-BSB-4A and boot the system. Prebuilt images are configured for video output to the TFT LCD display.

  2. Observe STMicro desktop on the LCD:

  1. From the system console, run a graphics demo:

root@stm32mp15-som:~# glmark2-es2-wayland --fullscreen ...