PMD Flexx2 SLAM Setup

1. Overview

This application note describes how to mount a PMD Flexx2 ToF camera on a iRobot Create3 unit for ROS2 navigation and SLAM.

The described mounting of PMD Flexx2 allows enhancing robot’s object avoidance capability during navigation.

This application note assumes that the reader has already setup Create3 unit as described in

2. Mount PMD Flexx2

The picture below shows the preferable location and orientation the PMD Flexx2 camera should be mount at.

The next screenshot depicts a possible way of connecting PMD camera to NavQ+ when it is in the cargo bay.

Below are requirements that must be followed in order to provide correct operation of the ToF camera during navigation:

  • The camera mounting rod shall be located on the center line near the cable hole.

  • The rod center point must be 10 cm back from the face plate center.

  • The camera eye should be at 20 cm height relative to the floor and looking in forward direction (towards the docking IR sensor).

  • The camera must be connected to the NavQ+ USB-C port #1 (closer to the edge) along with the RPLIDAR.

  • A USB3 hub must be used.

  • A 5Gbps cable must be used for ToF camera connection.

3. What’s next

Proceed to for calibrating the PMD camera and launching ROS2 navigation on iRobot Create3.

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