Preparing NAVQ+ Kit for Working with a Board Running Zephyr

The i.MX 8M NAVQ Plus kit can interact with various boards running Zephyr, over Ethernet and other hardware interfaces.

1. Setting Up Hardware

Set up the i.MX 8M NAVQ Plus kit as described in and connect the kit to Ethernet LAN as described in

If needed, connect a target board running Zephyr to the NAVQ+ kit as described in the corresponding board application note.

2. Setting Up Software

The standard telnet client will be used for interaction with the single-threaded TCP server running on the Zephyr side. Use the following command to install the telnet client on the NAVQ+ kit:

user@imx8mpnavq:~$ sudo apt-get install telnet

If the NAVQ+ kit is used for the native Zephyr build then prepare it as described in .