NAVQ Plus Linux BSP and Distribution, Release 1.1.4-336


NAVQ Plus Linux BSP and Distribution, Release 1.1.4-336


1. Purpose

This is the Linux BSP (Board Support Package) and Linux software distribution and development environment for the NAVQ Plus Starter Kit, release 1.1.4-336.

2. Hardware Platform

Refer to the the following page for detailed information on the hardware items included in the Starter Kit:

3. Release Images

Release images for this software release can be downloaded from the following location:

4. Setting Up Kit and Development Host

Refer to the the following page for detailed information on how to:

  • Set up the NAVQ Plus Starter Kit

  • Set up development host

  • Install release images to the NAVQ Plus target

  • Boot up Linux on the NAVQ Plus target.

5. Supported Features

The following list provides a summary of the features and capabilities of this release of the NAVQ Plus BSP:

  • U-Boot firmware:

    • Runs on the Cortex-A53 cores;

    • U-Boot v2022.04;

    • Target initialization from power-on / reset;

    • Loads from eMMC (or other supported bootable device) and runs from DDR;

    • Serial console;

    • Ethernet driver for loading images to the target from network;

    • Device driver for eMMC / SD Card, including support for U-Boot self-upgrade capability;

    • Supports storing U-Boot environment and Linux images in eMMC / SD Card;

    • Auto-boot feature, allowing boot of OS images from eMMC or other storage with no operator intervention;

    • Persistent environment in eMMC or SD Card for customization of target operation;

    • Supports load of firmware images to the Cortex-M7 core;

    • Sophisticated command interface for maintenance and development of the target.

  • Linux:

    • Runs on the Cortex-A53 cores;

    • Linux kernel v5.15.71;

    • Device drivers for key I/O interfaces of the i.MX 8M;

    • WiFi and BlueTooth connectivity;

    • Qt / QML 6.3.

  • FreeRTOS:

    • Runs on the Cortex-M7 core;

    • Device drivers for select I/O interfaces of the i.MX 8M.

    • [NOTE: FreeRTOS is not available in this release].

  • Development environment:

    • Linux-hosted cross-development environment;

    • Yocto v4.0 (kirkstone) distribution.

6. Software Manifest


















7. New Functionality

The following is a summary of the changes in 1.1.4-336 since the last release 1.1.3-332:

Issue Key


Issue Key




Improve WIFI stability, and fix SDIO/WIFI related errors reported by kernel.



Enable OpenGL ES support for Qt5, which now allows to run OpenGL based Qt applications.

8. Known Problems and Limitations

The following are known problems and limitations of this software release:

  • NAVQP-9: GMac phy seems not to be working

  • NAVQP-10: WLAN: FW CRC error during firmware download

  • NAVQP-67: rpm tool doesn't show any packages on imx-image-desktop

  • NAVQP-69: System runs out of memory without gdm auto-login and detached HDMI

  • NAVQP-83: VL4006 goes into boot loop if PicoSpot camera is connected

  • NAVQP-118: Release number is not applied to the kernel version in imx-5.15.71-vb branch

  • NAVQP-119: Automatic USB mode switching is not working