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Table of Contents

1. Installing Images Using USB Serial Downloader Protocol (SDP)

The preferred method of installing Yocto images to SD card is this: Flashing SD Card with Linux Image from Linux Host. However sometimes, extracting the SD card from the kit is not possible (for example, when the kit is installed to a device and is not easily accessible). In this case, use the method below.


  1. Power the kit off by disconnecting the USB Type C cable from the development host.

  2. Set the target boot mode to the USB serial downloader mode by setting the boot switches as follows:

    • SW2.1 - 1

    • SW2.2 - 0

  3. Power the kit on by connecting the USB Type C cable to the development host. Use the kit port labeled USB1.

  4. Check that the new USB device has appeared on your development host:

    Code Block
    [psl@i7 ~]$ lsusb | grep -i nxp 
    Bus 001 Device 025: ID 1fc9:0146 NXP Semiconductors
  5. On the host, go to the Yocto images directory:

    Code Block
    [psl@i7 ~]$ cd ~/5-15-5-DESKTOP/builddir/tmp/deploy/images/imx8mpnavq 
    [psl@i7 imx8mmnavq]$ ls -1
  6. Unpack the compressed image of the root filesystem:

    Code Block
    [psl@i7 imx8mmnavq]$ zstd -d imx-image-desktop-ros-imx8mpnavq.wic.zst
  7. Launch the uuu tool with appropriate script as a parameter for installing the bootable Linux image:

    Code Block
    [psl@i7 imx8mmnavq]$ sudo ./uuu -v -b sd_all imx-boot-imx8mpnavq-sd.bin-flash_evk imx-image-desktop-ros-imx8mpnavq.wic
    uuu (Universal Update Utility) for nxp imx chips -- libuuu_1.3.82-0-g9c56e46
    Wait for Known USB Device Appear...
  8. The uuu tool will proceed to install the Production Yocto image to the storage device (SD card) on the target board:

    Code Block
    uuu (Universal Update Utility) for nxp imx chips -- libuuu_1.3.74-2-g302da91 
    Success 1 Failure 0
    1:3 7/ 7 [Done ] FB: Done
  9. When uuu has finished, the bootable Linux image has been installed to the on-module storage. Given proper setting of the boot switches, next power-on will boot the target board from the SD storage device.

2. Verifying New Installation

Perform the following step-wise procedure to verify boot of the newly installed Linux images from the SD card plugged into the kit: