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  1. Modify the board’s Linux device tree to un-comment the following line:

    Code Block
  2. Re-build the kernel as described in Building Linux Kernel .

  3. Copy the resulting fitImage kernel file to the /boot directory on the board and power off the board.

  4. Connect the DSI connector on the DSI-to-HDMI adapter to the P7 connector on the STM32MP1-BSB-2A 4A with the flat cable. Pin 1 of the adapter must connect to the pin 1 of the P7 connector on STM32MP1-BSB (both pins are marked with the white mark):


  1. Connect the HDMI connector of the DSI-to-HDMI adapter to your HDMI LCD/TV using an HDMI cable.

  2. Power on the STM32MP1-BSB-2A 4A and boot the system.

  3. Observe STMicro desktop on the LCD/TV: